Listen to your Heart, not Mind

Updated: Mar 17

People tend to say, “listen to your brain, not your heart” because they believe the brain does all the math and protects us from every possible danger thus keeping us safe. Being safe is fine but don't you think when you look for just safety and stay at your place then there is no journey at all happening in life. What is the point in inventions and discoveries when there is no scope of adventure and all that we have to do is being safe and protected?

We look for guarantee and warranty in every product we purchase without even realising the amount of time left for us on this earth. Everyday every second every minute there are not less than at least 3 to 4 thoughts running on our mind. This happens because there is constant conflict between what we do and what we wish to do in life. A student would like to take leave to school but still goes to school. An employee would like to have fun with family but will visit the office to complete his daily tasks. A wife expects her husband to love her and spread his unconditioned love but never conveys the same to him to show herself strong.There is always a constant mismatch between the expectation and the reality for almost every person out there in the world. With all these sorts of ups and downs and disturbances in life how to listen to your heart and not your head.

When all that we see is failure and all that we have is disappointments in life why will we even try looking at the bright side of things? When life has been so unfair and letting you down all the time how can you not safeguard yourself from being hurt again and again. Even if a kid is asked, “Do you prefer to listen to your heart or your brain when making important life decisions”, I think the answer would be brain because the training to train the brain is starting too early now-a-days that kids are forgetting the fact that heart is vital too.

If you observe the kids in the new age, you find them more stubborn and less bound to emotions. This is ofcourse a good sign when looked upon in perspective of emotional stability but when it comes to pouring the heart out or looking at things by putting on others shoes, it is definitely not happening.On the other hand,to listen to your heart instead of your head is pretty simple. All that you have to do here is stop being judgemental. Every conflict today is an output of emotions created when people tend to become conscious of others opinions on them.To prove themselves right or go in accordance to the standards set to them by the people or environment around them, more efforts are being put in how to use your head instead of your heart. So, The moment a person starts living for himself is the moment they realize all that we should do to live a peaceful and happy life is to listen to heart and not the mind.